Ormiston Ilkeston Enterprise Academy

Staff described the positive impact the AAS work has had on both staff and pupils, improving the culture and ethos in school. Staff also explained how language and ways of talking about pupils had become more constructive and positive, with peer support and empathy among the staff body growing as a result of the AAS programme.

Ormiston Ilkeston recognised that a blanket school-wide rewards and sanctions policy did not correspond well with the diversity of need among their pupils. They developed an approach that allows flexibility in how the policies are applied; where the first step is to show understanding so that situations are handled fairly.


Ormiston Ilkeston have developed a new staff recruitment and induction strategy, in order to ensure the school-wide approach is sustainably maintained in their workforce. During the recruitment process candidates are introduced to the attachment aware and trauma informed approach, and as part of the induction are given training in how the school implements those values. Staff are also taken on a tour around the catchment area so they can appreciate the diverse backgrounds of the pupils that attend the school.